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An ode to teachers

We at ABWA have always encouraged individuality and creativity to blossom and flourish. However, this creativity assumes deeper shades when it finds its path back to us - teachers. Here’s sharing an ode that Aman Nathani, a Grade VI student dedicated to all the teachers and made us feel that much special.

Dear God,

What a nice thing to do
You have sent me teachers, so I thank you

Since we were tiny they took care of us
From taking us to the playground
to putting us on the school bus

From the first grade where they told us
“kid go out and fly,  for you the limit is the sky!”

From the second grade where they taught us how to read and write
And they told us it was wrong to fight

From the third grade, where we got the facts
And they taught us how to act

From the fourth grade, where we learnt about universe’s mystery
Also geogo, French and history

Then soon the fifth grade came
And yet we loved our teachers the same

Now we are in the sixth grade where it gets tough
Our teachers never say we have learnt enough
But sometimes our teachers shout
And they have to send us out

But it is for our own good
So we will listen to them - yes we should!
They teach us life skills, English and math

And we love them so much that
we will walk a mile just to see our teachers smile.