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Co-curricular activities

True education is training the body, the mind and the soul. Aiming towards excellence in sports, the school provides its students a multitude of opportunities to choose a sport of their choice. Professional instructors and coaches train our children in a range of sporting activities like football, basketball, cricket, table tennis, judo and athletics.

Creative forms of expression serve as nourishment for the soul. Music enriches the soul and symbolises the language of love. Students may choose to learn the guitar, drums or the keyboard as part of their creative co-curricular activities. They could also choose activities like pottery and carpentry, speech and drama, graphic art and public speaking. Those who are inclined towards the performing arts are encouraged to take up theatre or jazz dancing. All these activities are conducted under the guidance of trained experts.

The creative writing classes of the school are designed to encourage students to express their thoughts and ideas creatively. The objective being to exploit the creative and aesthetic features of language in them.

Debating is encouraged as an integral part of co-curricular activities. The ABMUN (Aditya Birla Model United Nations) is an annual feature. Gifted students are identified and encouraged to attend summer camps organised by the SIG.

Community service is also an important part of the all-round development of the students. To widen perspectives and to encourage the spirit of international mindedness there are class assemblies and presentations whereby global issues are taken up, researched, discussed and presented.

Knowledge based education influences the brain and value based education influences the heart. The life skill programme is welded into the curriculum. It helps children imbibe universal values like fearlessness, purity of mind, patriotism and truth. Discussions on life management skills, improving the power of concentration and self confidence are held during these classes. Insights into our rich culture and national heritage are also provided to our pupils through celebration of festivals.

Yoga forms an integral part of the curriculum. The inclusion is aimed not only at improving the physical fitness of our pupils but also at enhancing their concentration and alertness.