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Community service programme at ABWA
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Community service programme at ABWA

At ABWA we want to make community service an exciting part of a student’s learning process. Service activities should afford students an opportunity to learn about themselves and the world around them. 

Students from Grades 8, 9 and 10 will be expected to get involved in service-oriented activities once a term, while the younger children will be involved about once a year, to give them exposure and to prepare them for more regular service work in the years to come.

An orientation programme formally introducing students to the regular service activities to be held through the following year was held on 18 December 2009. Several organisations with whom ABWA will be working collaboratively, made presentations, providing valuable information to our students about the various kinds of social work undertaken by different organisations in the city.

Here is the community service plan in brief:
Organisation Grade involved Nature of work
Mobile Creches
Children of migrant construction workers are provided care and primary education at large construction sites in Mumbai
Provides sustainable, low-cost, high quality English-medium education for the economically deprived sections of society
The organisation works with children to raise civic awareness about social and environmental issues
Sewa Sadan
6 and 7
Involved mostly in educating and uplifting the girl child in underprivileged sections of society

The nature of our service activities will vary and depend to an extent on the needs and requirements of these organisations. It is important that our children take an active rather than a passive role in the activities and they will be encouraged to brainstorm and reflect on the work they do.