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ABWA bags three trophies at HR Rotaract Club event

An inter-school Olympics bidding competition? It was indeed an innovative concept. We had heard of inter-school sports, drama, dancing and singing, but bidding? Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine there’d be an Olympics bidding competition. Our school was privileged to be invited to take part in this interesting competition held by the Rotaract Club of HR College, but little did we know this would end up being one of the most jaw-dropping and path-breaking expeditions of our lives. “Chariots of Fire” as it was called was a competition my team was particularly waiting for and as the team leader, I knew I had the task cut out for me.

Each school had to choose one country and within it a specific city, and pitch for that city as a possible venue for the 2020 Olympic Games. This bidding involved preparing a power-point presentation that should have information regarding a range of considerations - security measures to planning an opening ceremony, the budget, transportation, environmental measures, energy and marketing strategies. Besides, each school had to design their own logo and make their own model.

We chose Berlin in Germany as our pick to host the sporting spectacle, the Olympic Games in 2020. And we achieved the impossible, the unthinkable. Not only did we manage to make a most pertinent model, a pointedly targeted logo, but managed to envisage a blueprint for Berlin that added up to 25 slides. The hard work was rewarding and the three trophies we walked away with made it all seem worth it. Accolades from the judges served as the icing on the cake. All our investments had finally paid rich dividends! I would encourage my fellow students to learn, achieve and inspire in a similar way…just like the ten of us who dared to dream and worked to win.

— Sooraj Mehta, IX B