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Grade 4B poems based on their Unit - Heroes

When I Grow Up…
When I grow up, 
I will help others.
For this I need to develop compassion. 
When I grow up,
I will fight against the wrong.
For this I need to develop fearlessness.
When I grow up,
I need to be believed.
For this I need to develop truthfulness.
When I grow up,
I will be a role model.
For this I need to develop leadership.
When I grow up,
I will give away my all.
For this I need to develop willingness to sacrifice.
- Ayushi Gianchandani, Grade 4B

I am a hero

I have qualities that are
Hidden deep inside me.
They are the treasures of my life.
I can be like 
Mahatma Gandhi - honest and non- violent or
Like Captain Batra - strong and courageous.
I will need these qualities to make my dreams come true.
I will need patience and perseverance too.

- Isha Radia, Grade 4B
I’ll Work for my Country
Leader as Gandhi,
Powerful as lion.
I’ll work for my country
And make it an icon.
The work that I do,
I’ll do from within
And my dream is to 
Fight against all the evils.
- Vanshika Shroff, Grade 4B
I Could be a Change
I could be a change
Although this might sound strange.
I could change the world
Even though I am a small girl.
I can be strong as Lance Armstrong 
I may be small 
And I may fall
But that’s not all
I will make change.
- Pragya  Chalisgaonkar, Grade 4B