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Grade V - educational tour to Hyderabad

Almost all of us had trouble sleeping the night before and had surprisingly risen early on Monday morning for an afternoon flight. The anxiety and excitement over the educational tour to Hyderabad was high. As always, the collective trip to the airport, ceremonial goodbyes to loved ones, the check-in and boarding all took place with excited chattering, laughter and screaming. Having had a safe flight to Hyderabad we proceed to our hotel, Hampshire Plaza, freshened up a little and had our evening snack. Later that evening we left for Hussain Sagar Lake for a boat ride, where we witnessed the most prodigious view of the Buddha statue situated right in the centre of the lake. On the boat, the tour guides had arranged for a dance performance and a DJ. It was a great way to end the day. 

On Tuesday our first stop was the Sudha Car Museum, a museum specialising in cars. There we were fascinated to see cars shaped like basketballs, footballs, teacups, computers and even Christmas trees. Next was the most awaited attraction, 'Snow World'. Dressed in appropriate gear, all of us enjoyed playing in the snow; the high point being a teacher verses student snow fight! And of course we, the students won. We all had a blast.

Later we visited the Qutub Shahi Tombs and the Golconda Fort. The exquisite carvings on the tombs at the Qutub Shahi were fabulous. At the Golconda Fort we also visualised a beautiful light and sound show. The act also had an audio recording that explained the history of the fort. We found out that the fort was formerly called 'Mankal' and it towered at about 400 feet above the surrounding plain. This being the last part of a hectic day schedule, we slept early. 

The next morning we had our breakfast and left for Ramoji Film City. Once we got there, we sat in a bus that took us all around the place. There was also a guide to explain us all the important sets. Roaming around in that bus, we realised that the place was like a never ending fairyland. Out there, there were sets of towns and monuments from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and other states. Many Hollywood and Bollywood movies have been shot there. The sets were marvellous - they all looked so real. We actually felt transported to those cities and towns. We had delicious lunch at a North Indian restaurant called 'Chanakya'. We also saw a stunt and talent show in an amphitheatre. We really enjoyed ourselves. By the time we finished looking at the whole place, it was six in the evening. So without wasting any time we left for our hotel.

Next morning we left for the Birla Mandir. After invoking the blessings of God, we set out for Salar Jung Museum. We saw a couple of antique glass items, paintings and a few of the oldest clocks. We also got to see a clock that has been working for more than 300 years. All the exhibits were amazing. We then left for the airport to make our way back home. None of us really wanted to come back, as we would then have to get back to our monotonous routine. But we will always cherish the sweet memories of the trip.

— Hiya Sanghvi, V B