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Beach Clean-up

'The arrival of Ganesh heralds a time of great joy and celebration in our city. All around us we see bright colours, flowers, twinkling lights and of course, idols of Lord Ganesh in all sizes and brilliantly coloured. For 10 days we celebrate him until, the 10th day, when comes the time to bid him farewell and look forward to his return the following year – “GanapatiBappamoraya, pudchyavarshilaukarya!”

However, the sight that greets us at the beaches of Mumbai after the visarjan ceremony, is heart wrenching. The same lord that we loved, cherished and devotedly prayed to for 10 days, was lying at our feet, broken to pieces and covered in garbage. But, the students of Aditya Birla World Academy took on the challenge and cleaned up the beach.

Our students were made aware of the environmental issues linked to the visarjan ceremony, they were sensitised about treating this delicate topic with empathy and respect. They worked with gusto at GirgaumChowpatty and their efforts were remarkable. The initiative was organised by CMCA (Children's Movement for Civic Awareness) and they provided our students with aprons, gloves, caps for their work.

Watching our students take an initiative at a local level that addressed a global issue was indeed rewarding.