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Language Week Celebration

'The third week of September marked the celebration of Language week at school. This is always an enjoyable and creative event for students and teachers.
It was a pleasure to see that students of each language had contributed for the event in their own way and style with lots of enthusiasm.The Hindi students put up a quiz and a street play that brought out many important aspects of the language and its culture.The French students had carried out research about a little known Francophone country - Madagascar.They had a presentation, cultural display and a food tasting that brought out many interesting aspects o the country. The Spanish students used the medium of dance, music and a quiz to share their knowledge about Spanish culture.

The students had also organized a cooking competition with different ingredients typical to Spanish food. The energy and enthusiasm was palpable. Our Mandarin student gave us very useful information about Chinese characters and the meaning behind them. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed these programmes, specially the cookery competition organized by Spanish students. The Students also wrote articles in the IB newsletter about Language Week celebrations in the target language. And, another wonderful language week full of fun, learning in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect had come to an end. We look forward to the next one!