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Times Literary Carnival 2014

The Times Literary Carnival 2014 had a special significance for ABWA.

This year, in a session anchored by writer Chetan Bhagat, two students of our school "Celebrated the English Ma'am."

This session was held at the HDFC lawns in Mehboob Studios, from 3.15 to 4.15 on Sunday, December 7, 2014.

Desiree Nayak and Karisma Maheshwari, two students from class 11 IB had the privilege to express their thoughts and honour English teachers.

The students who were extremely articulate, had penned their ideas imaginatively and passionately. Their emotions flowed through their speeches and reached the audience who intently heard them. At no point were they nervous and except for their uniforms which represented their age, they spoke with a certain maturity hard to find in today's youth.

Desiree and Karisma also got a chance to put some questions to Chetan Bhagat and were in turn asked what they would want to change in today's education system. They were quite clear in their critique of a system which asks children to learn by rote, without having any conceptual understanding, compared to the kind of in-depth education they are getting with an IB curriculum. However, they did point out that beyond the curriculum is the role of the teacher, who teaches students to ask "why' and "how" rather than the "what" questions; thereby encouraging children to question and analyse.

The session also had the audience express their thoughts and many asked questions to Chetan Bhagat regarding his career choices as well as his experiences as a writer.

As a whole, the session and the entire festival was an enriching experience and many class 11 IB students as well as English teachers returned happy and literally satiated.