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Various Events of Junior School

Our very first Science experiment!
LKG children enjoying their Indian Dance class: Our little tots, all engrossed in the dance lesson and trying hard to master the step.

Christmas time is fun!
L.KG. children eagerly wait to welcome Santa as they enthusiastically prepare for the Christmas celebrations.

You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild,
To pick up a book and read to a child. - Dr Suess.
H.KG. children enjoyed the story telling session by Ms. Natasha Sharma, the author of the children’s book, ‘Rooster Raga’.

H.KG. children made beautiful charts on the five senses and their functions.

Shape Art
The children of Grade 1 use their vivid imagination to create a collage with 2D shapes.

The children of grade 1 had a heartwarming experience during the field trip to Happy Home and School for the Blind at Worli.

The children of grade 2 working on their bookmarks done in connection with the Oxford Reading Tree Program.  

The children of grade 2 visited ‘Soam’ restaurant to better understand the importance of a balanced diet.


Grade 3 - A reading session in the library to learn more about Traditional Tales.


Grade 3 children dissected a flower with the help of our guest speaker, Ms. Franak Bandekar


'Art for a Cause' Auction: The children of grade 4 got an opportunity to paint for a cause, wherein they auctioned their art pieces for supporting an Old Age Home.


Hands-on learning in the Science lab for the children of grade 5 to investigate conductors and insulators


Our esteemed judges Mrs. Shaheen Aggarwal and Mr. Danesh Khambata addressing the audience at the Junior School Inter House Elocution Completion 


As part of One Nation Reads Together, the students of Grade 5 drove into a fictional 19th Century German town, the setting of Philip Pullman's Clockwork. With mounting excitement they read about a dark genius and his potent clockwork inventions and discussed the question - is it the machines that are good or evil or those who design them? What is the destiny of a machine? What will it do when you wind it up and set it going? Finally the students designed their own machines and chose whether they wished to endow their creations with destructive or constructive purpose.