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Various Events of Junior School

Field Trips are fun ! We learn a lot by the actual experience.

At the Traffic Park L.Kg. children were thrilled to learn about the traffic rules in a fun way! They are accompained by an officer in charge who takes them for a walk aorund the park, along with their teachers, to explain the children the traffic rules.   At the Railway Station L.Kg. chdilren watch as the trains whizz pass, on both the sides of the platform.They also expressed their desire to travel by a train.


HKg children learning about the History of Mumbai at the Bhau Daji Lad Museum


HKg students on a field trip to the Nehru Science Centre to learn more about the five senses


Grade 1 children were enlightened by our esteemed guest speaker Ms. Manju Singh on Communication around the world.


Fun with shapes: Grade 1 children create scenery from their environment using geometrical shapes of 'Rangometry'.

Grade 2 performed the Ganesh Stuti Nritya to welcome the Visiting Swiss delegates.  

Grade 2 performed the Ganesh Stuti Nritya to welcome the Visiting Swiss delegates.


Children of Grade 3 visited Maharashtra Nature Park to learn more about pollinators.


Grade 3 children making charts for their class research on Seed Dispersal.


Learners of Grade 4 enacted, 'The Seven Life Processes' through a 'Puppet Show'.


Learners of Grade 4 performed a 'Shadow Puppet Play' on 'Life Cycle of a Bug'


Children of Grade 5 got a wonderful opportunity to run a test check by using the Hot lines at the Disaster Management cell of MCGM.


To enhance their learning of Electricity and Magnetism, children of grade 5 visited Nehru Science Centre


Aditya Birla World Academy participated in the MILAN 360 recital series; an event organized by the Shankar Mahadevan Academy on Wednesday, 13th December 2014 at the Little Theatre, NCPA.


Dr. Mark Saul, Director of Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York conducted a Math workshop on Games and Problem Solving for the students of grades 4 and 5.