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PD Workshop John Zola

A riveting professional development session was conducted by Mr. John Zola on “Asking More and Better Questions in Classrooms” for the staff members at Aditya Birla World Academy on 12 September, 2015.

The session commenced with an activity wherein the teachers were provided methodologies, on content and concept of promoting student voice in class, for arrangement in a flow chart. The arrangement determined the ways in which we set up our classroom environment. On completion, the teachers were to go around and observe the thought process of the other groups. The primary goal of the task was to provide regular opportunities to students to engage in critical thinking and promoting student voice.

Speed dating was another activity that made the conclave more engaging.

Teachers framed questions on Art Costa’s levels of Inquiry. This included questions that catered to Level One (Text Explicit), Level Two (Text Implicit) and Level Three (Experience based). Mr. Zola laid emphasis that pupils enjoy answering level two and three questions as they are challenging and interesting for them.

Some sayings from Chinese philosopher Confucius were given for discussion as teachers were asked to pair up. The pair was changed after a stipulated time and had another partner to converse with. This gave a chance to many to switch roles from being a speaker to a listener. As educators it is vital to be good listeners over good speakers.

It was a day well spent as it helped teachers to augment their strategies on asking effective questions in a class.