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CAS culmination activity

On Saturday, 31st January 2015, the IBDP Grade 12 students were off to an early start for an exciting and fulfilling day that would bring their CAS programme to an end. The CAS culmination activity was focused on two stands of CAS – Action and Service. We spent the morning kayaking at H20 and then headed back to school for a sandwich-making activity. Our students made 230 sandwiches in around an hour! Each part of the task was taken care of by them – they buttered the bread, washed and chopped the vegetables, put the sandwich together, seasoned, cut and wrapped all the sandwiches themselves. We were lucky to also have a little help from our Sodexo staff. Once all the sandwiches were ready, we headed to Tata Memorial Hospital and distributed them to patients who stay outside the hospital on the pavements.

The students were engaged and totally immersed in all that they did throughout the morning and the afternoon. Their conduct was commendable and their satisfaction complete. Even though their CAS programme has come to an end, our students will benefit from their experience for future inspiration.