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Community service

Glimpses  of the community service activities which have been completed till date (July- February)

Grade 3 - The Toybank Collection drive
Hear us and donate generously. So thoughtful of those who donated these toys Neatly sorted out by the students

Grade 4 - Visit to ADAPT

Help us to serve others Yummy Food for sale – Buy from us and support our cause Rapt listeners at ADAPT
We enthralled them with our song and dance.  

Grade 8 - Visit to SnehaSadan
I am willing to pay extra for a good cause and eat to my heart’s content. How we enjoyed playing this game with them.
Hey,did all these gifts come with the amount we collected for the children at the Orphanage? We are happy that we brought a smile on the faces of 44 children (23 girls and 21 boys).  

Grade 1- Joy of Giving Week
There is no better joy than to give, share and care for the ones who work silently for us.

Grade 5 - Fundraising through the games that were organized and the Visit to Study Centre at Kalina Study Centre at Kalina Centre at Kalina Study Centre at Kalina.
Can you find the right key to the lock that we have? Only if you ring, do you win.                See how  does the hula hula hoop.
Has Lady Luck smiled on you? Who is winning? Who is going to reach the top of the ladder? A bag full of happiness and a face filled with smile

Grade 10- Initial process of their fundraising.

Painting the lives of others with colour Kashvi, add more colour and designs on the diyas.            

Grade 10- Visit to a Balwadi sponsored by the school (Ghatkopar)

We are happy with the Frooti that we have received. We are waiting for more goodies that we see in your hands. I don’t need your help. I know my numbers.   

Grade 6 – Visit to an Old Age Home

Unbelievable! They are better observers and listeners than us. We must learn the value of discipline from them. Well! This also shows that our  performances can capture an audience.

Grade 7 – Visit to WSD (Welfare of Stray Dogs)

So calm while having his bath   Feeling snugly and warm He loves to be pampered.

Grade 8- RDP (Rural Development Programme)- Visit to a village in Karjat

What a difference we made to the dull exteriors of their houses. The happy faces of the families whose houses we were giving a new look.
It showed how united we were by the human chain that we formed to pass on the bricks for the construction of a house.
This seems fun but it is tiring at the end of the day