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Cyber Security workshops by Mr Rakshit Tandon 

Mr Rakshit Tandon conducted workshops on Cyber Security on 29th & 30th January, 2015 at Aditya Birla World Academy.

He came down from Delhi specifically to address our School key constituencies - our parents, our students and our entire staff.

Mr. Tandon is a Microsoft Certified professional, as is an Ethical Hacker certified by the EC Council. Furthermore he is a certified Computer Forensics expert from Brain bench USA.

He has permanent roles with various organisations such as Cyber Crime Units; and is part of the visiting faculty at various police and detective academies.

Mr. Rakshit Tandon is an Indian computer security expert. He has conducted training on cyber security and has spoken in major cyber security conferences including those of the United Nations and the European Commission.

He is the official promoter of the Safer Internet Day and he speaks with a passion that not only informs and enlightens but also makes the listener alert and sensitive.

Mr. Tandon successfully addressed a myriad audience, tirelessly over two days, in sessions that spanned the entire day. He spoke with a zeal that aimed at protecting the unwary and innocent child to the gaping dangers of the web and also sensitize the parent and the teacher. The students had separate sessions with him – furthermore different groups of grades were separately spoken with to ensure that the workshop was age appropriate.  The sessions meant for the parents and teachers were also an eye-opener for many who were unaware of the various socio-economic and legal implications of internet use.

A parent shared, “I attended Rakshit Tandon’s workshop and found it very informative and useful.  Cyber Security was something we were all vaguely aware of and thought of as "something that won't apply to us".  How wrong we were! Parents were seen adjusting their smart phone security settings at the workshop itself! That is how close the dangers are.  This had a very strong impact on kids across the grades too as they were urging their parents not to miss the workshop. Mr. Tandon’s style of speaking coupled with his sense of humour made an otherwise very serious and scary situation an absolute eye opener for the parents.”

He was extremely approachable and left the audience on the edges of their seat, gripping them with a certain black humour but also providing relief by giving solutions and suggestions.

It was indeed a privilege to have Mr. Tandon – an individual much in demand across the country, at Aditya Birla World Academy.