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Events April 2015

'I Love My India' - Grade 2A

Children of grade 2 dressed in traditional clothes showcasing different cultures of India

Grade 2B
Grade 2 children celebrating International Day for their ongoing unit 'Culture'
Grade 4A-B

Grade 4 absorbing the information on Conservation of Monuments during the Field Trip to Bhau Daji Lad Museum

Grade 4 students engrossed in an interactive session with the Guest Speaker Dr. Bijal Mehta, an Ophthalmologist, to learn more about ‘Structure of an Eye’

Grade 5B

Science presentation on Aerodynamics in Grade 5 B

Grade H Kg  

H. Kg. children practising for the Annual Concert with enthusiasm and fervour

Dressed as their favorite entertainer; H. Kg. children performed with enthusiasm

Learning Math concepts through fun activities: Grade L Kg

L. Kg. children learn to create Graphs

Creating new patterns is fun!