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Junior school events May 2015

Young minds at work - L. Kg
L. Kg. children learning the concept of graphs by creating one We look forward to our yoga class where we learn the various asanas and to be calm
H. Kg
H. Kg. children enjoying their Western Music class

"Safety First" is "Safety Always."  ~ Charles M. Hayes. H. Kg. children following the safety rules during free play in school

Grade 1

Learning the concept of Time through an Art and Craft activity on ‘Clocks’

We worked as a team during Talk Time class and created various homes from
different types of papers

Grade 2

Creative writing activities are perfect for the aspiring novelists in class! It helps them to go outside the bounds of normal forms of literature…. A game to ‘Sort the picture puzzle Pieces’ was a great way for children to-Express themselves, build writing fluency, vocabulary, penmanship, and creative thinking skills. 

Guest Speaker session with Ms. Regina Houang for the unit ‘Culture’

Grade 3  

Grade 3 learners share their understanding on the properties of ‘Glass’ and its usefulness as a manmade material.

Learners of grade 3 giving a soulful rendition in the Indian Music class

Grade 4

Grade 4 learners enjoying and understanding the meaning of Team Work by solving puzzles during Talk Time class.

Enthusiastic learners of grade 4 presenting their understanding on 'Joints' to their peers

Grade 5
Grade 5 children delighted to be in the Western Dance class.

Grade 5 – Reinforcing the Grammar concepts through online games