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Flipped classroom - PD by Professor Ms. Mary Jo Pierantozzi

We are not teachers, but awakeners. This has rightly been said by Robert Frost.

In order to be awakeners, we at Aditya Birla World Academy, are always looking at different ways to develop skills in students. We attended a workshop on Monday, 26th September which took us in a different direction altogether. It was held in the School Auditorium.

It was a “Flipped Classroom’ Workshop. Our trainer, Professor  Ms. Mary Jo Pierantozzi explained how we can maximize classroom time in order to adopt methods of student-centered, active learning strategies, depending on grade level and subject matter. We were surprised to know that we can create flexible spaces in which students choose when and where they learn.

It was an enriching workshop and all of us have decided to include it in one of our classes.