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Reflections by Students of Grade 9 on their RDP visit

Anish Samarth-The RDP was an enjoyable experience. We felt a sense of pride giving back to the society. In my opinion, the RDP was better than the edutour. We helped the villagers with the base of the houses and some of us helped paint houses.

Pallavi Shenoy-We got a glimpse of the lives of the tribals living in Nandgaon. Giving back to the society and interacting with them truly enlightened us. The accommodation provided was very good. The memories of the RDP will be cherished by us forever. I would like to thank the school for introducing us to community service and sensitizing us towards the needs of our society.

Aniket Sarkar-It was the experience of a lifetime. We understood the true meaning of hard work. This training for life will stay with us all through and we will always appreciate what we are bestowed with. I truly wish to go for more of such services in the future.