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Inter-House Elocution

Thursday, 30 October 2014, brought with it the Annual Inter-House Elocution competition, with students speaking on various, thought-provoking and interesting topics, in both English and Hindi.

The competition was divided into three categories, with two students from each house participating in each category, one for Hindi, and one for English. Students from grades six and seven spoke about “Who will win in a fight between superheroes” and “Why I am glad not to be...” With fun and imaginative speeches, contestants discussed the strength of Thor and the beauty of childhood, as well as touched upon more serious topics, such as child labour.

Students from grades eight to ten discussed their favourite characters from literature, and the importance of inner beauty. Some contemplated the virtues of Shakespeare’s Brutus and Veda Vyasa’s Draupadi, while others examined the undeserved and unnecessary importance given to appearances in today’s society.

Students from grades eleven and twelve expounded on the ethics of animal testing and the worrying matter of juvenile crime. Through passionate and thought provoking speeches, they set out to convince us about the inhumane and dictatorial nature of animal testing, and the morally confusing question of whether a criminal is still a criminal if he or she is an abused and mistreated child.

By the end of the competition, spectators were left amazed at the skills and courage of the contestants, and wondering about the questions posed by their speeches and topics, already excited about next year’s competition. The contestants themselves were flooded with compliments, and the whole school left for home anxiously anticipating the results.

Srishti Chakroborty