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Aditya Birla World Academy showcase talent at the Kala Ghoda Festival 2015

The Genius of the day Our student Ojasvi Tewari, Grade 6, was adjudged the Z Q Genius of the Day at Kala Ghoda interactive workshop on the opening day. The workshop involved the kids to make their own 3d human figures in the form of Totem Poles.

The students of both​ Junior and Senior school along with the Art Teachers have worked on the Installation

“SWARASWATI”- A Touching Symphony

Lata Mangeshkar is not only a tribute to Indian music in over 20 languages; she is also the living embodiment of music's heart and soul. Having been the most recorded artist in the world with over 30,000 songs, she can truly be bestowed with the title of "SWARASWATI", as in the goddess of 'swar' (voice). This Nightingale of Indian music sang her way into every heart, becoming one of the best known and most admired playback singers in India. The "Melody Queen" has melted the toughest critic with her mellifluous sound, reverberating throughout the nation and uniting one and all.
Her lilt transformed what was earthly, was mundane in us. It healed the pains and pangs of our existential reality. Her voice lent tune to our sorrow, music to our joy – above all celebrated what is called LIFE.

Lata Mangeshkar touched us, revitalized us with her ethereal touch of symphony             

– A Touching Symphony so to say!


The Grade 11 batch of IBDP students made their foray into the Kala Ghoda festival this year and they, of course, did it in style but also with tons of enthusiasm. They made connections with CAS and Art by learning Madhubani painting and then sharing their learning with children from the NGO Mumbai Mobile Creches.

Our students made a lot of passers-by sit up and take notice… that’s for sure!