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ABWA student selected to present a research paper at WCGTC conference, Odense, Denmark

World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (WCGT) is organising an International Conference at Odense, Denmark to focus the world’s attention on gifted and talented children and ensure the realization of their valuable potential to the benefit of humankind. This unique international event brings together leaders, educators and students under one roof to promote communication between one another and to share best practices and experiences. 

Seven of our Grade 11 students had submitted an abstract to WCGTC for presenting a research paper at the conference.

The abstract titled, ‘How Saving Education Can Save The World’ by Kiyanush Karanjia, a student of the Cambridge AS Level at our school has been selected from among 500 abstracts received by WCGTC from participants of 48 countries round the globe.

Kiyanush will be presenting his research paper at the WCGTC conference in August, 2015.

Kiyanush has done us proud and we wish him the very best!