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LKG and Grade 5 School Events

Lost in the magic world of books, LKG children enjoyed going through picture books in the library.

LKG children enthusiastically participated in the ‘Show and Share’ activity related to the theme ‘Vroom Vroom’.

“Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way! HKG students enjoying the Christmas celebration in their class.

HKG students discussing the various landmarks of Mumbai using fascinating models

Grade 1 learners proudly presenting the news for the day.


Grade 1 learners gather knowledge about the 'Phases of the Moon' through story telling for the theme 'Solar System'.

"We belong to different professions related to Food Industry. Together we help you become stronger and healthier". – Grade 2

Grade 2 celebrating the winning of the ‘First in Math’ Trophy

Students of Grade 3 illustrating their understanding about Uses of Fire during the Olden times and the Present time through a Venn diagram.

Show and tell on Invention and Discoveries by the young learners of grade 3

Grade 4 learners explored the different measuring tools and their applications in the Junior School Science laboratory while learning more about 'Measurements'.

Grade 4 children having firsthand experience of measuring shadows at different times of the day.

Grade 5 children research on Myths, Legends and Fables

Grade 5 displaying their creativity while working with 3 D shapes