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Various Events of LKG to 5


Carnival time at school:
LKG children learning the art of Origami


LKG students learning about the importance of a Green and clean environment Children excited to plant the seeds and even more thrilled to take their pots home.


Learning by doing – HKG students discussing projects on Landmarks of Mumbai


Open-bus ride: HKG students exploring the Landmarks of Mumbai


Guest speaker Mr .Vikram Virulkar enriching the students of grade 1 about the heavenly bodies in our galaxy


Grade 1 students having a blast during their field trip to Nehru Science Centre to learn more about the Solar System


Learning by Doing: Grade 2 students conducting experiments in the Science laboratory to understand the 'Properties of Air’


A mock fire drill is a great way to learn to deal with emergencies – Grade 2


Learning By Doing: Students of grade 3 learning about ‘Air’ through experiments


Students of Grade 3 on a Field Trip to Nehru Science Center to learn more about Inventions and Discoveries


Learners of Grade 4 extending their knowledge on 'Shadows' at Nehru Science Centre


Students of Grade 4 exploring the world of 'Sound' at Nehru Science Centre


Edu tour to Pench National Park and Nagpur- Grade 5


Children of grade 4 and 5 at ‘Deekshabhoomi’ - Nagpur, the biggest ‘Stupa’ in Asia, a sacred place where Dr. Ambedkar accepted Buddhism


The Martial Art form Kalaripayattu, performed by our students at an Interschool Dance Competion held at Prempuri Ashram


Students attend the Art Workshop held at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya conducted by BASF


BASF Art Competition winners and achievers with Miss Brinda Chudasama Miller- an eminent artist and the judge for the competition