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An experience to rememberů

We have reached the end of our 2014 Aditya Birla World Academy TED Ed Club journey, and as happy as I am with the Concluding Conference, I am sad that it's over.One thing is for sure. I have learned so much about myself and had my perspective changed countless times during the course of this experience.

I have always thought that the hardest part of TED Ed was getting up on stage, but I was mistaken. Stage fright is a very tiny part of a much larger picture. A TED Talk is something personal and therein lies the problem because when talking about something personal, you have to tell the truth. This form of truth is not the kind that you share with BFF's at sleepovers or gossip about when the teacher is not paying attention. This is honesty that makes an impact and may rattle you on the way out, so how do you find a way to give your innermost thoughts to a room full of strangers or people you barely know?

The first step is to understand that the purpose of TED is to push boundaries. Now here comes a warning because this is not for everyone: A truth, so close to your soul that it drives a passion, will not easily be extracted. You may get emotional, but there's also a chance that you will move someone. This is beautiful because a single person can create a spark in the mind of another being, and from there, the chain of innovation and ingenuity that is brought into existence can hardly be imagined. I think this incredibly human ability is what TED is all about, and "TED Ed" is just a way of saying that children are the ones who will be inspiring you. This is one experience that the ABWA TED Ed Club has given me.

I'm supposed to talk about the conference as a whole, which I will: I was inspired by many of my peers and extremely proud of our club. There were several times where I had chills from the incerity and depth of the words that were spoken. A few people even surprised me,but to be frank, a TED Ed conference,though you are sitting in an audience,is a personal and individual experience that is unique and different for everyone. Any one particular statement can change someone's life, and it is because of this, that one person cannot adequately analyze an entire TED Ed conference.

I can honestly say that a solitary review from myself would not do a single TED Talk justice, but I believe that this is an accomplishment. Our small ABWA TED Ed club that, in the beginning couldn't stay quiet for more than five minutes, has managed to diversify itself and bring something new to our school. If that is not a source of pride, I don't know whatis.

We may have concluded the ABWA TED Ed club for this year, but I have a feeling that this was a stone tossed into a pond that will create a multitude of ripples in the Aditya Birla World Academy for years to come.

— Sierra Houang (Storyteller for the ABWA TED Ed Club)