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Edutour Grade 12 - A Level and IBDP


Activities: Very good for the most part. But, some of them took too long and for others we were short of time. The museum tour and the visit to the cellular jail which were guided in the past had no guide and therefore seemed like a waste of time to the students. Snorkeling was mentioned in the itinerary but was not part of the “included cost” - this option would have been great to keep the students occupied when they spent a lot of time just waiting for the other to finish their Scuba diving.

Team Foliage: Were extremely helpful. Medical kits and other necessities were always available. The service activity they organized was excellent. However, they need to be able to address the students directly more often and also help out a little more with the night rounds.

Food: Reasonably good. However, the snacks given to the students were mostly unhealthy – chips, oreo biscuits, packaged juice, cake, chocolate.

Accommodation:  Very good but not suited to a group of school children. Port Blair was not the ideal place to be located and there was no space available for the students to be out in the open and gather together and also no space where they could be assembled conveniently to be given instructions and to sit and write reflections.

Transport: Flight timings were very odd. Transport within Andamans was by bus which was fine. However, there was too much travelling involved.

Itinerary: Needs to be revised.

The Team of teachers: Mrs. Ranjana, Ms. Farzana, Ms. Neelam and Mr. Pritesh, looked after every aspect of the trip, there was perfect team spirit and camaraderie among the teachers as well as team Foliage.

The Students: Were generally well behaved and participated in all activities. However, listening to instructions, being sensitive to people around them and littering are areas that need to be addressed with the students

Other: The trip went well even though some things will have to be re-worked. Propose the same destination and operator for next year.