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Grade 7 EduTour 2017

This year,41 of our grade 7 students went on an EduTour to Wada in Maharashtra. It was a wilderness camp setup where they learned to work with each other in harmony and with empathy, which was also the theme of this tour.

The programme was organized by INME on one of their campuses. It was a unique experience for everyone involved. Tents replaced cushy hotel rooms, and the wilderness was their vast playground! The kids made their own rafts and raced in the waters of the Mohokhurd dam. They even braved the midday sun to trek through the rugged terrain around the river. It was a proud moment for all to experience.

They worked together, played together, and even cooked on an open campfire together! The camaraderie among the children kept growing by the day and the energy in the air was palpable. They are sure to have brought home a lot of real-world knowledge from this EduTour.