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Satpura Edutour 2018

“On the 21st of January 2018, I was shaken awake before the crack of dawn, after which I buzzed with enthusiasm and anticipation. I don’t think I’d ever been that excited to be woken at 3am ever before.

We were leaving for our edutour, in Satpura, Central India. Upon arriving, we saw that our 5-star lodge was located right in the heart of a forest.

Over the course of four days, which flew by like the wind, we did a variety of activities such as trekking, making smokeless chulhas from scratch, going for three safaris and camping. It was an incredibly enjoyable trip. This edutour, like a couple of others we’ve experienced in the last few years, was an adventurous one. I truly believe that these are the best kind, as they push you out of your comfort zone and give you a taste of more than just staying in a hotel room, and I feel that this definitely enriches our work ethic as well as our ability to think outside the box. The memories I made this year will always be held dear to me.”

Ishika Bhuskute 9B

“Throughout the four days which I spent in Satpura, I was exposed to a completely different environment to what I am usually comfortable with. The fact that we were in pure wilderness gave a great contrast to my regular, busy life in Mumbai. I think that it was a perfect way to bring more awareness about real issues that many people experience in India. I enjoyed connecting with the local people as it made me realise how important their home was to them. Playing and donating my toys to those kids created memories that I could never forget. Other than that, I had an amazing time over all, spending tons of time with my friends, making this a great experience as a whole. I was lucky enough to spot a leopard in my safari jeep and the feeling after all that anticipation was truly exciting. Overall, this was an unforgettable experience and I really enjoyed this edutour.”

Ishika Tulsian 9 B

“This was one of the most fun edu tours I have ever been to! Apart from the problems during our travel to and from Satpura, the trip was very exciting and enjoyable trip. The safaris were a lot of fun as we spotted so many different birds and animals. However during the night safari we did not see even one animal. That was a little bit of a disappointment as I was excited to see different nocturnal animals. It was interesting to see how different the lifestyle of villagers living in rural areas was from ours. All of us also enjoyed ourselves while making the "smokeless chulla" for them. I cannot wait for our next edu tour after enjoying this one so much.”             

Dhruv Jhaveri 9B