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Our campus

Classrooms — Our Temple of Learning
Our classrooms are spacious, brightly coloured, well-lit and Wi-Fi enabled. They are equipped with the latest IT infrastructure such as LCD projectors, screens and speakers that meetinternational standards.

Each student is provided with a locker in the classroom. Seating arrangement is designed to ensure that the student is comfortable.

The classrooms have ample space for the teacher and the students to move around. Soft boards located on either side of the classroom showcase student projects. Every classroom is provided with a white board for writing purposes.


Medical facilities — In good hands
We have an in-house nurse on campus to look into the daily health care, routine injuries and health-related complaints. A medical record card is maintained for each and every child.

The school's paediatrician visits twice a week. Under her guidance and with the consent of the parents, annual dental check-ups and ophthalmic check-ups with emphasis on refractory error, squint, and lazy eye are held.

The paediatrician also interacts with the children about important issues like good food habits, eye and dental care and adolescence. Special norms for the required quarantine period of the various contagious diseases like chicken pox and measles are also discussed.


Cafeteria — Healthy food for a healthy mind
At the Aditya Birla World Academy, every child's nutrition is important to us. The cafeteria committee, along with a qualified nutritionist, designs a meal programme guaranteed to meet every student's calorific needs.

The school offers vegetarian lunch to all its students. Utmost care is taken to prepare food in hygienic conditions.

Since the food is prepared for growing children, care is taken to include proteins and calcium in every meal. The lunch menu offers a variety of dishes from around the world including Mexican, Italian and Indian cuisine.

Keeping in mind the policy of not stocking junk food the canteen provides healthy options during the short break. Fruit juices and milk are available along with snacks and confectionaries. We realise that a balanced diet is important for growing children and it is our endeavour to provide a wholesome meal to every child studying at the school.


School transport — To school and back, in style
We have an excellent in-house transport facility keeping in mind the safety of our children.

The students travel to and fro in luxury buses (seating for 40). Each bus, in addition to the driver has a male and a female attendant. The attendants and the driver are provided with cell phones and are therefore easily accessible.

Our processes ensure that the bus attendants maintain a comprehensive register to record the number of students availing the bus facility. Our school buses are also used to ferry the students for sports activities, field trips and picnics.


Exciting practical activities form a crucial part of learning science and the IGCSE curriculum requires practical work at almost all the levels.

We have four well equipped laboratories, meeting international standards, dedicated to the three sciences namely Physics, Biology and Chemistry, and one General Science for the junior students. 

In addition to these, the IT Labs, the Language Lab, Mathematics Lab, Art Studios, Indian and Western Music rooms, Audio Visual Rooms and an Amphitheatre give a breadth of opportunity for our students to enjoy an all rounded development. In the basement, we offer a wide variety of sporting activities like Table Tennis, Basket Ball, Gymnastics, Yoga and Judo to name a few.


The Library forms the fulcrum of any learning process. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Our school library is equipped with a variety of books on a wide range of subjects, which indeed makes it a reader’s paradise. 

The primary section is separate and adequately caters to the needs of the younger students. To encourage the reading habit, there is a structured Reading Programme rolled into the curriculum.


Our technology resources
We believe that Information Technology (IT) should promote active learning. IT must facilitate the sharing of information efficiently by teachers, maintain proficiency, enable administrators to manage the school more effectively, and encourage communication between students, teachers, administrators and parents.

IT infrastructure
Computing and communications constitute the backbone of the school's infrastructure facilities. Our existing IT infrastructure includes:

Network: Instructional spaces, computer lab, administration office, library, staff room and other infrastructure of the school are connected over a 1000 mbps wireless LAN
Servers: The school's network is powered by the IBM servers
Laptops: The school computer lab has 25 state-of-the-art laptops to cater to each student
Internet: Access to the internet is available through a high-speed 2 mbps fibre link